Welcome from the Ingwersons

One day “several” years ago, Mary approached Jim with the idea of growing herbs, specifically lavender, as a commercial crop. Jim had always adhered to traditional farming by raising cattle and hay. Trying to keep an open mind, Jim agreed to “give up” a couple acres, thus started the new endeavor. After much research, this became a family project and a true learning experience for all of us. We are a small family, however everyone helps. All products sold are “home made” on the farm.

The farm is located on the bluffs of the Kansas river, a few miles west of Topeka, the capital city of Kansas. While our climate is not what one would consider “native” for lavender, the plants have produced an extremely fragrant crop. We grow eight varieties, however, Grosso and Provence are the main crop.

The farm will be open for individuals to tour again in summer of 2013. The dates are shown under “events”.

The products are available:   by calling us at: 1-785-478-3246, email at: info@kansaslavender.com, on this WEB site, at  the Walking Turtle Studio in Maple Hill, Kansas.